Sunday, November 18, 2012

Champagne Sunday: Sancerre Part I

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I didn't know about Sancerre until the time I moonlighted as a bartender while at design school at a Tribeca seafood restaurant. After each shift,  my nightcap was always a glass (or deux) of Sancerre, among other spirits. Today I shall share with you my love for Sancerre. There was something so simply elegant about its clean and crisp sparkle on the palate that has made it my eternal favorite white wine.

Some background and history
The Sancerre region is a medieval hilltop overlooking the river valley of the central Loire region of France. Dotted with princely chateaus and royal gardens, the Loire valley was the playground of French aristocracy.

The region was primarily known for Pinot Noir until the 21st century, when it started to grow grapes for Sauvignon Blanc.

The wine

Flavor: The crisp flavor ranges from notes of pear, peach, and grassiness to mineral, citrus, and herbs.

How to: Served chilled, with white fleshed seafood. Sancerre pairs well with goat's milk cheese, particular from the same region such as chevre, particularly - Crottin de Chavignol.

Price: It's no everyday table wine - with prices upwards of $20+. Good thing I've filched it for free for over a year.

It being my favorite wine ever, I'll be posting reviews of individual Sancerre brands over the next Champagne Sundays.

Until then...


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