Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Grand Travel Bucket List

  1. Take a family holiday to the British Virgin Islands - stay at Mango Bay Resort
  2. Take Cunard transatlantic trip from New York to London
  3. Ride the Orient Express from Paris to Venice
  4. Take a Star Clippers Mediterranean cruise
  5. Safari in Sabi Sands
  6. Visit Phi Phi island in Thailand

In the stark cold of a winter my only solace is to daydream of a warm escape to paradise. Our last vacation was our grand honeymoon in Lake Como, Santa Margherita, and Provence. But that was a year and a half ago and my wanderlust is kicking in again. When I was five months pregnant I so desperately wanted a babymoon in BVIs but we just couldn't cut it. If we have to suffer through another winter in MN, a tropical Christmas is in order for next year.

Traveling is usually a shitty experience. Hoards of people crammed into sardine compartments, bad food, and plastic sporks. Whatever happened to the bygone days of traveling in style, when people traveled with multiple trunks and stewards carried your luggage? Hubz and I are very light travelers - with one carry-on bag each and never any check-ins. But now post two dogs and baby, we lug a whole caravan with us: dog tavel bag, stroller, car seat, suitcase(s), and baby.

Taking a transatlantic cruise might be twice the cost of the a roundtrip fare to Europe, but  its 7 nights of prime lodging and food included. And (hopefully) it will be a one way trip anyway. When we get our visas for Europe, our next trip might be crossing the Atlantic in the Queen Mary.

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