Sunday, May 26, 2013

Head scarves

Silk scarf: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
I'm starting my own scarf line! Just only in the research stage right now. Of course, how else to learn about quality scarves than to buy the best and inspect them - vintage Hermes! Gucci! and Ferragamo scarves, no less.

I always loved the idea of wearing scarves more but never got into the practice of it. After learning a few head wraps and scarf tying tricks, I'm hooked. Honestly, every woman should have a few silk scarves in their closet. They are so versatile can be worn as head wraps, traditional neck scarves, tied onto purses, even as belts or as a tops.

Here were my top resources for scarf tying techniques:

1. Looks like a an 80s video from Russia, but actually, um, current. She is the best.
2. A good example of one head scarf method.
3. My pinterest board for scarves.

All the scarves pictured in my photos were purchased from Ebay. They were all used, stain free, professionally cleaned and in excellent condition. I've been a regular designer label buyer on Ebay for years, and my advice is to buy only from sellers with a long history of sales of designer items (over a couple hundred) with little to no negative feedback (99%-100% rating).

If you are thinking of buying a used Hermes scarf, this site is an excellent reference to verify the authenticity of a scarf you are purchasing. My particular scarf, Roseraie, was designed in 1990 by Christian Vauzelles. It was listed on Ebay as a "vintage 1990" scarf. However, I don't consider anything that existed while I was a teen to be vintage :(

Sil scarf: Vintage Gucci Flora scarf, by Accornero, circa 1960s
This Gucci scarf was designed by Vittorio Accornero. History says it was designed for the Princess Grace of Monaco, as a wedding gift.  She visited a Gucci boutique one day and requested a floral scarf . At the time Gucci did not have any floral silk scarves, so they commissioned the illustrator, Vittorio Accornero, to design a print. The Flora motif is a whimsical explosion of spring blossoms and beautifully illustrated insects and butterflies. In 2004, Frida Giannini, at the time the Creative for Gucci accessories, recommissioned the print in Gucci's accessories - bags, shoes, etc. Apparently it wasn't well received by critics. However, it became a commercial success for Gucci and she was promoted to Creative Director in 2006. I know, because I still have a pair of Gucci Flora silk shoes that I bought in 2004. I still wear them and they are near perfect condition.

Silk scarf: Hermes Roseraie, circa 1990
One knot in particular is wicked, the rose ( seconds). For the life of me, nothing worked, but then I realized maybe it was because of the fake Hermes rayon scarf. Sure enough, when I did it with a real silk scarf, it works like a charm.

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