Friday, June 14, 2013

First Father's Day picks

I'm looking forward to celebrating father's day with my husband this Sunday. I booked us a table at his favorite pub - The Local in Minneapolis and we'll be noshing on standard Irish fare - bangers, mash, black (blood! sasuage  yum) & white pudding, beans and BEER!

My father never appreciates gifts, and no matter how many times my brother and sister and I have tried, our gift giving has fallen into unappreciative hands. So, I'm happy I have someone I can celebrate father's day with. Unfortunately... my hubz is overly stylish (do they still call them metros?), so when it comes to gift-giving, we're stuck in a deadlock as we are both very picky and particular. That being said, it's a good thing I convinced him to use Pinterest, so here are my "picks" I filched from his wishlist for his first father's day.

  1. Something from Rose & Born. Looks English, sophisticated and expensive. That's my man.
  2. Quantum iPad Pase by our company - Landmarks & Lions. $180. Something sleek & elegant for the modern father.
  3. Cashmere vest by Loro Piana. $1895. Maybe if I pawn off my wedding band.
  4. Garrett Leight Hamptom sunglasses. $355. Hubz breaks a pair every year. Time for a new one!
  5. Arquiste L'Etrog cologne (unisex). $185 The all natural ingredient cologne is extra special and smells divine. Get one for yourself too.
  6. Rivieras cotton mesh shoes. $70. Hubz bought a pair when we were on honeymoon in Santa Margherita and he's hooked.
  7. Bespoke Italian made J Craft boat. I may never be able to buy a million dollar boat, but a week getaway to Lake Como again? Yes!


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