Friday, September 26, 2014

Over the Bump, across the Pond, and back again

Off shoulder cheesecloth dress: asos

I'm back from a much needed hiatus. In the past six months I found out I was pregnant, suffered through two months of debilitating morning sickness, only to ride it out while vacationing a month in the UK, and slowly getting life back in order as we prepare for bebe #deux.

Life has its twists and turns and this one has thrown us for a loop, as we weren't quite planning on another bebe coming so soon, thus delaying our expat plans to Europe. We even nixed a move down south. So for the time being, to alleviate yet another cold Minnesota winter, I've decided to freshen things up inside and flex my interior design skills. With all the aches and ailments that come with pregnancy (and this one is much much worse than the first time 'round), I'm happy to enjoy at least one of the fun parts of pregnancy - stylin' the bump. Stay tuned!

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