Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer vacation

Only in the south...
I'm back! I've been incommunicado for what seemed like months, but really was for only two weeks, as I vacationed with the famiglia down in the deep south for our yearly 4th of July get together. I couldn't get a lick of an internet or even roaming phone signal so I had to give up and get into real vacation mode.

A couple hours north of Atlanta, in smoky blue ridge mountain country, we gorged on grits and bacon and eggs what felt like every morning. Not to mention ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and all kinds of beans and slaw. I wish I had taken the time to get some food porn shots, but with an 11 month old attached to my hip and a killer appetite, never got to it. Maybe next summer!

We had a blast spending quality time with the family. Dear hubz sustained multiple injuries during the trip, including a torn forearm from wake boarding and a damaged liver from a weeklong drinking bender with the men folk. My biggest damage was a bruised ego after looking at my swimsuit pictures. Little baby girl had the time of her life frolicking with her cousins in the pool and lake and on what I shall now deem "Crosby Ranch" on my in-laws sprawling property - that used to be several acres of horse and cow farm.

Maybe it's because I grew up in the stark cold north, but I love the charm of the South. Not talking in a Paula Deen plantation wedding with black servants kinda way, but the antebellum south does have some serious charm - the cooking to start with. Where else can one eat grits, ribs, pulled pork & slaw, beans, and fried chicken with abandon (until you see pictures of your sad looking backside that is)? Add to that long hot muggy afternoons, lush green mountains, magnolia blossoms, and lounging on the porch swings with a cold glass of sweet tea.

I lost my photos in the CD transfer but they are coming soon and so will more vacation posts. Till then, here are some Instagrams of the trip.


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