Monday, August 26, 2013

Reformed by the Reformation

For our summer vacation, I wanted to bring something long and flowy but would still accommodate the heat of down south. When I received this dress in the mail, I was confused because I thought I bought a maxi dress and the package was 2 oz at most!  It is so incredibly light and thin on, yet it has such a substantial length and presence. I love it! Who would have thought that this is from Urban Outfitters? 

Dress: Reformed by the Reformation, Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Orange and white leather pumps, Emerson Fry
Hat: summer straw hat in navy, J. Crew
Gloves: crochet gloves, vintage



  1. The dress is perfect on you! Whoa, what a fit! xx

  2. It's a lovely dress and looks great, I especially like that it has a slit so you can see a flash of leg.

  3. You have an incredible sense of taste and this dress is just stunning. I adore this dress and have actually been searching for it for quite a while, would you consider selling it?


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