Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Check it out

It is true that for couples, especially those that spend as much time as my husband and I do, that they start to dress alike. Try as I might to resist his Italian prep, it has become a part of my style. I do not however, ever foresee my husband going from Brunello Cucinello to stepping out in leather pants and a graphic tee. Ah well! Still, you will probably never ever see me in a polo shirt and sneakers. That being said, I do find myself quite comfortable in this outfit today - my hubz J. Crew shirt and Paige crop jeans. I don't think I can pull off the extremely baggy torn jeans that's all the rage right now, so these are the closest to "relaxed fit" that I will sport. I love these jeans so much, I've worn them nearly every other day since I've gotten them.

Hat: Straw panama hat, J. Crew
Shirt: Slim lightweight men's dress shirt, J. Crew
Jeans: Paige kylie crop jeans, Paige denim
Shoes: Gucci flora silk pumps, old
Bag: Straw purse from Provence, France, picked up on our honeymoon

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  1. Love your hat!


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