Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor day whites

I picked up this lovely Shelli Segal dress last fall and it sat in my closet for months until I unearthed it for my first mother's day brunch. Unfortunately, mother's day was so hectic (Eloise decided to take a nap right before we left) that it was impossible for us to take pictures aside from a few blurry Instagram pictures in between wrestling with a then squirmy baby. The weather is already starting to get dodgy here - some days it's in the 90s but days like today, I had to wear a sweater to run out of the house this morning. A dress like this is perfect for an unpredictably cool-warm-hot-breezy September day.

Now that it's labor day, I figure what better time to take it out again for the season. Fashion rules are silly - like not wearing white after labor day and no short skirts after 35. So here's an about face to rules schmules. Have a wonderful holiday!


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