Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Wedding: Bridal Hair

One year ago today, we were married in the most romantic place in the world, Villa Cipressi, Varenna, Lake Como, Italy.


(Hair comb: JewelryBox88)

For the week in Varenna, we chose to stay in Hotel Du Lac, which was a short walk away from Villa Cipressi. For convenience, the rented a room at the Villa on the day of the wedding. I taught myself how to do my own Hollywood glamour waves. However, didn;t feel like struggling with my hair on the morning of my wedding so I hired a hairdresser in the town to do it. Unfortunately, she did not even have curlers but fortunately, I had my own travel set. On afterthought, I could've done a better job myself as it looked more spiraly than glamour waves. Ah well. You live and learn, DIY is sometimes best.


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